The cat is too thin if:

1  Ribs visible on shorthaired cats; no palpable fat; severe abdominal tuck; lumbar vertebrae and wings of ilia easily palpated.

2  Ribs easily visible on shorthaired cats; lumbar vertebrae obvious with minimal muscle mass; pronounced abdominal tuck; no palpable fat.

3  Ribs easily palpable with minimal fat covering; lumbar vertebrae obvious; obvious waist behind ribs; minimal abdominal fat.

4  Ribs palpable with minimal fat covering; noticeable waist behind ribs; slight abdominal tuck; abdominal fat pad absent.

Cat Weight is ideal if:

5  Well-proportioned; observe waist behind ribs; ribs palpable with slight fat covering; abdominal fat pad minimal.  

The cat is too heavy if:

6  Ribs palpable with slight excess fat covering; waist and abdominal fat pad distinguishable but not obvious; abdominal tuck absent.

7  Ribs not easily palpated with moderate fat covering; waist poorly discernible; obvious rounding of abdomen; moderate abdominal fat pad.

8  Ribs not palpable with excess fat covering; waist absent; obvious rounding of abdomen with prominent abdominal fat pad; fat deposits present over lumbar area.

9  Ribs not palpable under heavy fat cover; heavy fat deposits over lumbar area, face and limbs; distention of abdomen with no waist; extensive abdominal fat deposits

Chart Courtesy of Purina
Cat is too thin
Cat that is on the low end of being too thin
Cat's weight is ideal
Cat is too heavy
Cat is obese
To assess the your cat's body condition you should be able to feel its ribs, but not see them. You should be able to feel a waistlinand see an hourglass shape when the cat is viewed from the side.
Scoring the Body Condition
of Your Cat
How Fit is Your Cat?
Body Condition Scoring for cats
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