Signs of Potential Illness in Cats

*hiding for more than 24 hours
*loss of appetite
*dull look to the eyes
*dull, dry haircoat
*cries listlessly
*resents or resists handling
*drinking excessive amounts of water or     not drinking the usual amount of water
*excessive urination or straining to             urinate
*repeated vomiting
*blood in urine or stool
*failing to use litter pan
*prolonged or severe diarrhea
*chewing at skin, haircoat or extremities.
*yellowing of the white around the eye        and yellow gums
*rectal temperature over 103 degrees
Cats tend to conceal illness.  Knowing what is normal for your cat will help you recognize signs of illness. Seek veterinary advice if your cat shows signs of sickness.
Acetaminophens (Tylenol, etc) and aspirin can be deadly for felines.
Cat Norms and Averages

  • Temperature Range         100.5 to 102.5

  • Average Weight Range     7 to 12 pounds

  • Average Lifespan              10 to 18 years

  • Heart Rate                         240 beats per
                                                   minute max     

  • Pulse Rate                         110 to 130

  • Respiration                         20 to 30

  • Gestation                            63 days

  • Estrous Cycle                      15 to 21 days

  • Estrus Length                      4 days
Dehydration can be life-threatening for cats

To test for dehydration, pick up a fold of skin in the middle back area of the cat and then release it. Normally the skin will snap back. If it falls back slowly or remains up, dehydration is present. Immediate veterinary care is recommended to determine the cause of the dehydration and to insitute re-hydration procedures.
Dehydration in cats can be caused by diarrhea, vomiting and excessive urination associated with diabetes, heart and renal disease.
Ways to Monitor Your Cat's Health
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Acetaminophens (Tylenol, etc.) and aspirin can be deadly for cats
Temperature above 106 is life threatening for cats and requires immediate attention
Monitoring your cat's health
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Signs of illness in cats - Monitor your cat's health

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