Deer Resistant Yards and Gardens

Deer proof your outdoor living area

Given their hunger meter deer are apt to consume whatever is available and fawns will nibble at anything until they learn what is tasty and what isn't. While there is no such thing as absolute deer proof, the following are some steps to take that will help make your landscape more deer resistant.
There are several products on the market that are effective deer repellents. Some people have great results with one while others don't, so it takes a bit of testing to determine which deer repellents are best in your area. We alternate spraying with two different products which has worked well in keeping our yard 'pets' from eating that which is not theirs.

Deer resistant flowers and shrubs while not absolute deterrents are more deer proof than others. These plants may at least have a chance of withstanding the browsing habits of the deer. A two or three-fold approach is often necessary to fully protect plantings.  Spray on repellents, less appetizing vegetation and fence will yield the most protection.

Fencing is another way of protecting the garden or plants you prize. It has to be tall...deer can leap short fences with a single bound. A four foot fence is just a mere bounce for deer. A six to eight foot fence will afford more protection for prized flowers or that vegetable garden you've put so much time and effort into growing.  
  • Plant shrubs and flowers that are more deer resistant - most herbs are safe as well as fuzzy leafed plantings like lambs ear.
  • Fence off the garden area - Deer are less apt to jump into narrow spaces so you can make that work for you when fencing.
  • Offer the deer alternative feeding sources
  • Use spray deterrents to help deer proof your yard.
Deer Proof
Deer proof your landscape using an integrated approach

* Deer repellents can be effective  

* Plant deer resistant vegetation

* Deer Fence can save garden areas and prized flowers, trees and shrubs
How to deer proof your outdoor area
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Doe at bird feeder
Doe eating sunflower seeds from bird feeder.
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Fawns will taste and test anything until they learn what is good and what isn't
and sometimes it's worth losing a flower or two ....
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by using natural deterrents like deer resistant vegetation and commercial deer repellents as well as the proper type of fencing.
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