Ants , bees and wasps  love Hummingbird feeders and will often chase them away. Following are some tips to deter them from your feeders.

Apply a liberal amount of petroleum jelly on the feeder tube tip, around jar edges and around all feeder openings, also apply it to the wire support that your feeder hangs from.  Applying some to the branch leading to the feeder support also helps deter ants.

Try  applying Vicks Vapor Rub around the feeding flowers to repel bees. Birds don't have a sense of smell, wasps and bees do.

Some feeders have a built in ant barrier which you fill with water.  You have to keep it full to be effective, but it does work.

Ant quards are available which have a chemical barrier and require little maintenence.

Bee guards can be purchased which fit on the feeder flowers to deter bees and wasps.

Certain types of feeders discourage bees and wasps. Try using one with a small feeding port.

Use a mixture of 3:1 (water/sugar) and place in a dish or other container away from your hummingbird feeder.  Bees and wasps prefer the heavier mix and will feed from it rather than your feeders.
Perky Pet 4 station glass hummingbird feeder
Garden Song - plastic 4 station humminbird feeder with bee guards
Hummingbird Feeder | Discouraging Ants and Bees
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